Super in Their Own Way WIN

awww cute facebook inspirational motivationa super hero superman - 6322013952
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Pool Dive WIN

dive pool superman - 7094519040
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bad idea cars Video superman - 61457921

This Superman Stunt is Incredibly Dangerous, but Try Not to Giggle

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She's the Hero Picture Day Deserves

cute parenting win She's the Superhero Picture Day Deserves
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Call in the Super Guard

security superman - 8180128768
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Selfie WIN

phone camera selfie funny superman g rated win - 7589560832
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trailers DC movies superheroes Batman v Superman batman superman - 82379009

Watch the Retro Trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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car clever driving stunt superman Video - 34277121

Superman Trick WIN

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A Real Superman Stops a Shoplift in Progress

news nerdgasm superheroes funny superman - 7634823424
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Super-Kid WIN

concert superman whee - 6281228288
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Listen to Superman!

rules art superman win - 8180109056
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DC pranks will smith funny Video superman win suicide squad - 125446

Henry Cavill Went Disguised to Comic-Con and Pranked the Living Hell out of Suicide Squad's Will Smith

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random act of kindness drunk Video superman - 68772609

Superman Breaks Up a Fight Between Two Drunk Jerks

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animation nerdgasm dragonball z superheroes flipbook goku funny superman g rated win - 55744769

The Ultimate Flipbook Battle: Goku vs. Superman

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Elevator Ad WIN

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Comics Parking WIN

awesome at work nerdgasm no parking signs superman warning - 4401996800
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