The Post-It Soldier

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An Electronic Artist Released Their Single "Dazzler" in the Best Way

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Our Favorite Mouthy Merc, Deadpool Takes on Candy Crush in Real Life for One Ridiculous Video

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We Don't Have All Day, Oliver

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Holy Sh*t, If You Thought the Deadpool Movie Was Hilariously Raunchy, Wait Till You Watch This Uncensored Blooper Reel

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Captain America Cake WIN

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D'aww of the Day: Superhero Window Washers Visit Children's Hospital

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Leslie Jones Discovering Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War Is Funnier than Anyone Expected

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Chess Set WIN

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Deadpool Does a Number on the Walking Dead Trailer and It's Amazing

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Star Wars Trailer Re-Edited for Suicide Squad Style Will Smack a Genuine Smile on Your Face

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Here's What an Actual Batarang Would Look Like

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Ironically, Batman Might Not Approve of This Badass Knuckle Duster

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We've Found a New Champion

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Was it an Accident, or the Beginning of a Superhero Origin Story?

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