Oh Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden sun, please don't give me a massive sunburn and make it impossible to sit. That funky ball of gas and fire that keeps us from becoming human popsicles is a hilarious source of entertainment. So sit back, and watch your tan (or sunburn) spread with the Sun's scintillating jokes and puns.

Photographer Göran Strand Mashes Up the Same Surreal Sky 10 Hours Apart

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Sphere of the Suns WIN

beach clever perspective photography sun - 5395165696
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mother nature ftw sun pretty colors Video - 57789697

Russians Are Luck to See This Huge "Sundog" Phenomenon in the Wild

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Sun Advertisement WIN

advertisement clever design pretty colors sun - 5659121920
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Shadow Ad WIN

advertisement beach clever shadow sun - 5808235776
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Praise the Sun!

Perfect Timing photography lady bits sun - 8340100352
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Sundial Watch WIN

antique clever design sun watch - 5659115008
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Catching Rays WIN

clever drawing sketch sun - 6538247424
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Light Bulb WIN

art beach clever light bulb perspective photography sun - 5527484672
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Baking Cookies WIN

baking clever cookies food sun - 4671768064
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Sunroom WIN

design home sun - 6594655744
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