Really, There's Hundreds of Chairs Just Like This One

chair star wars stormtrooper design nerdgasm DIY - 7341960448
By Unknown

Aren't You A Little Short For A Stormtrooper?

sign star wars stormtrooper - 4091551488
By Unknown

How did You get Here, Trooper?

star wars stormtrooper Historical funny - 7683703296
Via Metro

Star Wars Tree WIN

christmas decorations christmas tree nerdgasm star wars stormtrooper - 5596584448
By Erin H

This Latte Can't Aim Worth a Damn

star wars stormtrooper nerdgasm coffee latte art funny - 7817946624
Via Geeks Are Sexy

Maybe With a Little Light Their Aim Will be Better

design star wars nerdgasm stained glass stormtrooper - 8326350592
Via Nikita Leigh

Remember the Fallen WIN

Battle legos memorial nerdgasm star wars stormtrooper - 5094447104
By sixonefive72

Clone Trooper Glass WIN

may the fourth nerdgasm star wars Star Wars Day stormtrooper - 6192078080
Via Obvious Winner

St. Patrick's Day Parade WIN

St Patrick's Day nerdgasm parade stormtrooper - 7136335360
Via Reddit

So THAT'S Where the Party is at!

limo star wars nerdgasm stormtrooper - 7433218816
By Unknown

Shoe Trooper WIN

DIY nerdgasm shoes star wars stormtrooper - 5209939968
Via Star Wars Remix

Quality Customer Service

customer service star wars toys stormtrooper - 6972450304
By Unknown

Server Rack Security WIN

google server security star wars nerdgasm stormtrooper - 6682075136
By Unknown

Day At The Park WIN

nerdgasm star wars stormtrooper - 4577302784
By Unknown

Household Chores on Hoth WIN

star wars job stormtrooper snow work winter g rated win - 6867425792
Via Reddit

Scuba Diving WIN

diving nerdgasm scuba star wars stormtrooper wtf - 4621408000
By Unknown
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