Except This WIN

irony message sign stone - 5743276032
Via DrenDude

Mother Nature FTW: Nature's Rock Art

art beach mother nature ftw rock rocks stone - 5097973760
Created by christellar ( Via )

The Irony!

stone irony funny - 7566340096
Created by Unknown

Stone Stacking WIN

art balance nature river stacking stone wincation - 6144700928
Created by sixonefive72

Poke-stones WIN

nerdgasm pixel art Pokémon rock stone Street Art - 5537166080
Via Reddit

Is This Opal Actually the Eye of Sauron in Disguise?

stone pretty colors - 7036949760
Created by sixonefive72

Marble Manhattan WIN

art carving huge manhattan marble new york sculpture stone - 5203041792
Via Spoon & Tamago