Photo Positioning WIN

photography statue - 4941392640
Created by Loesje

Affection Status: Stolen

statue - 7080861184
Created by Unknown


statue - 3961165312
Created by Unknown

With a Few LEDs, Ordinary Statues Are Now Nightmare Fuel

creepy statue nightmare fuel hacked irl g rated win - 8085517568
Via Reddit

Paris Gets a Shiny Life-Sized T-Rex Skeleton, Making it Cooler than ALL CITIES

paris art statue funny dinosaurs t rex g rated win - 7649614848
Via Design Boom

Getting Some Noms WIN

food noodles pasta statue terminator - 6373546752
Created by Unknown
art star wars statue Valentines day Video win - 15011585

Valentine's Statue WIN

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Scary Sculpture WIN

art creepy scary statue thief - 5742741248
Via Supergreat

The Key to a Good Photo Op is the Follow Through

Via Cubicle Bot

It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Breaks the Public Artwork

statue hacked irl - 8194713856
Via mickeymoo

Detroit's Robocop Statue is Very Real and Ready to be Bronzed

statue pop culture detroit robocop - 7456256256
Via Boing Boing

Ice Porcupine WIN

design ice sculpture statue - 5987614464
Created by Unknown

Iron Panda, Suit Up and Move Out!

Via tr2k8

Imagine Walking Through the Woods and Finding This

art statue - 8091112448
Via Reddit

Breaking Out WIN

art escape installation mold sculpture statue - 5183381504
Created by sixonefive72

Getting Out of the Rain WIN

dress I see what you did there marilyn monroe skirt statue - 5684782592
Created by Unknown
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