Paris Gets a Shiny Life-Sized T-Rex Skeleton, Making it Cooler than ALL CITIES

paris art statue funny dinosaurs t rex g rated win - 7649614848
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It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Breaks the Public Artwork

statue hacked irl - 8194713856
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statue - 3320851712
By Unknown

Shogun Vader WIN

nerdgasm star wars statue - 4987155200
By Unknown
busking mime statue street performer stunt Video - 31434497

Mime WIN

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Clever Choreography WIN

art beyoncé choreography clever dance sculpture statue - 4864755712
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Getting Some Underwater Action

diving scuba statue - 7094518016
By Unknown

Trimming Up WIN

razor statue shaving hacked irl - 6760675328
By Unknown

Iron Panda, Suit Up and Move Out!

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statue - 3961165312
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Detroit's Robocop Statue is Very Real and Ready to be Bronzed

statue pop culture detroit robocop - 7456256256
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Getting Some Noms WIN

food noodles pasta statue terminator - 6373546752
By Unknown
hilarious statue ridiculous - 1958149

Guy Proceeds to Cover 6-Foot Penis Statue With Orange Condom After Neighbors' Complaints

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Scary Sculpture WIN

art creepy scary statue thief - 5742741248
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Yoda Statue WIN

nerdgasm star wars statue wtf yoda - 4391262976
By Unknown

Majestic Lego WIN

animals lego lion statue - 4878192640
By Unknown
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