star wars

Star Wars, history's greatest science fiction series, and a timeless classic with enough Jar Jar quotes to wish you could forget. Enjoy the best puns and jokes from a Galaxy Far Far Away and take your humor interstellar.

trailers star wars rogue one Video - 79346945

Felicity Jones is a Total BAMF as Jyn Erso in This First Trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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at st costume halloween nerdgasm star wars Video - 27304193

AT-ST Costume WIN

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star wars toys Hot Wheels darth vader - 62855169

Darth Vader on Wheels!

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This Traffic Jam is Straight Bantha Poodoo

star wars cars driving jabba the hutt funny - 7858480640
Via Reddit
nerdgasm star wars Video - 20688129

Lego Sandcrawler WIN

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Gingerbread Death Star WIN

star wars nerdgasm Death Star gingerbread food g rated win - 6928500480
Created by alex hazlewood

You Digest for a Couple Hours, With These Sarlacc Decals Your Toilet Will Digest for a Thousand Years!

star wars nerdgasm toilet g rated win - 8104147968
Via Gizmodo
cool star wars water - 84052481

Battle of the Day: Fans Recreate Star Wars Speeder Bike Fight in Real Life on Water

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Toy Photography WIN

boba fett lego nerdgasm photography star wars toy - 5270611968
Via Geeks are Sexy
parkour star wars freerunning nerdgasm BAMF funny Video - 53065217

The Freerunning is Strong With These Ones

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lego Music star wars Video - 19321345


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Beer Name WIN

alcohol beer name nerdgasm star wars - 4796262400
Created by ara

Steampunk R2 WIN

craft model old school r2-d2 robot sculpture star wars Steampunk - 5209870592
Via Dudecraft

Best Dad Ever?

dads star wars nerdgasm parenting chess darth vader - 7537885440
Via Pleated Jeans
star wars cover coffee Video - 84064001

Enjoy This Glorious Cover of the 'Imperial March' Played on a Coffee Stirrer

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Jabba Froze in My Yard

sculpture snow star wars - 4301035008
Created by Unknown