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"My killer spider nightmare problems gets worse. Our garden is fully infested with Redback spiders, these spiders are close cousins to Black Widow spiders.

On Halloween this year I was not hunting down scary clowns, I was after lots of Redback Spiders. I made a special tool to help capture the spiders that are living in the garden. It proved to be very effective. To totally clear the area Mr Flamethrower is used, nothing survives the flamethrower. This is the second major spider infestation area in our backyard, The first was around the childrens Tonka toys. Little did I know there are many more to be cleared.

The captured Redback Spiders are added to my killer spider home so all these female spiders will get to know each other really well. The one male Redback spider now has a huge number of females to please. If he doesn't he will just become their next meal."