Broken English WIN

clever notes signs spelling zing - 4368341248
Created by Unknown

Wonder How He Feels About Losing Now

image grammar spelling Wonder How He Feels About Losing Now
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Hacked IRL: Thank Your Neighborhood Pot Dealer

government marijuana signs spelling - 4515097088
Created by Unknown

There it Is!

graffiti lady bits spelling hacked irl - 8176267008
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Response WIN

college facepalm irony poster response spelling - 5365800448
Created by Lincoln Falk

At Least They Learned SOMETHING in School

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We Got a Smart-Alec Over Here

clippy spelling sign - 7960508416
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Graffiti Response WIN

clever graffiti insult response spelling - 5517179136
Created by graceface90

These Kids Thought They Were Telling Off Their English Teacher, but They Didn't Expect This Response

school grammar teacher spelling g rated win - 8126203136
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Espresso Poster WIN

coffee design espresso poster spelling - 4757277696
Created by christellar

Everyone's Favorite Clip-Based Menace Returns

clippy spelling correction - 7241750784
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The Only Grammatically Correct Lock

grammar lock spelling correction - 7341955072
Created by Unknown

Sign Wars WIN

sign marketing clever coffee spelling business g rated win - 7421611008
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Approved WIN

board clever cork response sign spelling warning - 5554627840
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game show wheel of fortune spelling Video - 79151873

Robert is Really Good at Wheel of Fortune, Like Really Good

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wheel of fortune FAIL embarrassing spelling Video win - 75804673

One of These Contestant's Guesses Are Not Like the Others

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