Glass Igloo WIN

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North Carolina is Finding its Own Way to Cope With the Snow

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Snowball Fight WIN

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Viral Video of the Day: Durham Academy Announces a Snow Day the Most Epic Way Possible

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A Farmer in Minnesota Made This Gigantic 50-Foot Snowman, Because Why Not?

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These Little Girls Get to Shred in Tandem with Their Dads

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Car Parked Next to Lake Erie Completely Covered In Ice

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Nature Makes its Own Sweet Snow Art

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A+ on Effort to This Snowy-School District's Voicemail, But C- on Enthusiasm

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Do Not Doubt the Power of Someone With a Shovel and a Grudge

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China's Ice Sculpture Park

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South Park Snow WIN

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Winter Hot Tub WIN

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How They Clear the Roads of Snow in Kazakhstan

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Chomp Chain WIN!

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