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By Unknown

What Theater Employees Do When They Are Bored

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By Unknown

Convenient Holder WIN

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By Unknown
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Proof That The Same Bribe Will Stop a Little Girl From Crying is an Older One Too

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Fruit Popsicles WIN

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By Unknown

Knowing Your Audience WIN

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By mischka71
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You Won't Open a Bag of Chips the Same way Again

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Calling All Units for a Bag of Chips

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Via Acid Cow

Completely Relevant News: Chocolate Overload

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Cookie Win!

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By ParanoidPenguin

Mother Nature FTW: Turtles Likes Snacks

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By Unknown

Free Prizes WIN

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By Unknown

New Oreo WIN

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By Unknown

Mother Nature FTW: Sippin' on Some Sizzurp

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By Unknown
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How to Make a Snack Stadium in Time for the Big Game

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Mother Nature FTW: Snacks Acquired

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