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Feeling a Contact High Coming on Watching These Parents and Kids Smoke Weed With Each Other for the First Time

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Ironic AND Good For Your Health!

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Anti-Smoking Campaign WIN

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No Smoking WIN

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We Get It, You Like Other People Who Vape

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Ash Tray WIN

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Epic Meal Time Makes the World's Most Potent Weed Brownie, and You Could Stay Stoned Till the End of Your Days

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Completely Relevant News: Probably True, Yes

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Created by hung_pluto2003
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Recipes of The Day: Here's How You Can Make an Entire Cannabis Thanksgiving Meal

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Aquarium Sign WIN

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Bus Ad WIN

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This Anti-Smoking Technique Might be the Craziest Anyone Has Tried

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Sorry, Mom

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Mind the Insects WIN

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This Police Department Just Won 4/20 With a Single Hilarious Tweet

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Dad's 2 Cents on 99 Cents

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