CLASSIC: Hacked IRDonkey WIN

animals classic donkey drawing hacked sketch - 5253312512
By muench
art best of week drawing Hall of Fame realism sketch time lapse Video - 41175809

Realistic Sketching WIN

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sketch president the daily show barack obama comedy - 84605953

Allow Key & Peele to Translate Obama's Farewell Address

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Portfolio WIN

drawing art sketch perspective illusion - 6764248832
Via Illusion
clever comedy oh Japan shadow sketch Video - 33860609

Physical Comedy WIN

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Charity Drawing WIN

alien charity doodle drawing sci fi sketch - 6557763328
By drgnslayer3

Pencil Art WIN

art celeb sketch - 5042757632
By Unknown
cops sketch parody Video police - 77650177

The Most Infuriating Episode of 'Cops' Would Have Been Filmed in Manitowoc County

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chalk comedy short sketch Video - 37926913

Chalk Wars WIN

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sketch uber Video - 77614593

We've All Been One (or More) of These Uber Rider Stereotypes Before

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Leaving a Tip WIN

cartoons coins mario nerdgasm sketch Super Mario bros tip - 6378964736
Via Geeks are Sexy
sketch apps online dating Video dating - 78808833

The Best Dating App Tips are Learned By Catfishing Others

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A 16-Year-Old Irish Artist Made This Sketch for a Scholarship. Needless to Say, She Won.

drawing art sketch realistic - 8152351232
Via Colossal

Recursion WIN

clever doodle drawing escher Inception recursion sketch - 5473120000
By Unknown
gym sketch food Video - 78829057

What is Your Favorite Machine at the Gym? The Last Guy Knows...

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Paper Escape WIN

design doodle drawing sketch - 6238170624
By Unknown
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