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Loyal Pup Is This Skateboarder's Personal Camera Man and He Gets All the Best Footage

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The Online Thing Better Than Landing Your Trick is Nailing a Life-Saving Reaction Afterwards

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The Grind in the Sky Keeps on Turning

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Via I Heart Chaos
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From the Vault: Gou Miyagi Doesn't do Your Typical Skating Tricks. They're WAY Cooler.

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Longboarding Downhill During the Pouring Rain Never Looked So Awesome

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I Could Totally Do That, I Just Need to Warm Up First

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Via jerip123
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Slow-Mo Skate Tricks WIN

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You too Can Look Like a Majestic Dork With This Backpack-Skateboard Combo

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A 720 Board Spin? Look, No Hands!

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A Board Made for Grinding the Mines of Moria

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Via Acid Cow
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This is What it's Like to Experience the Rush of Downhill Skating

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Green Bay's Skating Cop

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The New Edge of Skateboarding Tricks

Via 1InvictuS1
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This Kid Almost Replicates a Trick That Took Years to Master

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These Downhill Skateboarders Leave the Cyclists in the Dust

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Bails Are a Little Less Painful on the Floating Skate Ramp

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