Snow Clearing WIN

cars parking signs snow warning winter Winter Wonderland - 4440789760
By Unknown

Grading Scale WIN

class college grades school signs - 4618272256
By chezzxpert101

The World Would Be a Better Place if Selfies Didn't Exist

IRL signs stop funny - 7518861568
By Unknown

The Daily What: Gay-Friendly Sidewalk Sign of the Day

clever puns rainbow signs the daily what win - 6549312512
Via The Daily What


awesome at work clever signs - 4651967488
By Unknown

School Marquee WIN

marquee school signs summertime - 4886076928
By BadBecca

No Soliciting WIN

awesome at work signs warning - 4288116224
By Steve Zap

Rapture Hours WIN

marquee signs the rapture - 4778407936
By Unknown

Their Coffee is So Hot

barista signs coffee win - 8546414080
By erikk77

Acronym WIN

fap innuendo shelter signs - 4766850816
By Unknown

Don't Play WIN

awesome at work signs - 4292898048
By Unknown

Disputed Neutrality WIN

college internet signs wikipedia - 4367518208
By Avatrix

Jewelery Sign WIN

signs Valentines day women amiright - 4489842688
By myndhead

No Weapons WIN

awesome at work signs warning - 4290984704
By Unknown


clever life lessons signs truth - 4236039424
By Unknown

Do Not Return WIN

found marriage ouch signs - 4449390336
By Boston_Moon