Curiosity WIN

kids mannequin sexy shopping - 4398454528
By Unknown
Mad Max shopping parody black friday break Video - 76178177

Mad Max is a Perfect Black Friday Parody

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customer service list shopping gender bender parenting facebook back to school clothes store - 961541

A Mother's Struggle With Back-To-School Shopping For One of Her Children Ends in a Heartwarming Realization That Customer Service is Not Dead

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This Was a Tough Shopping Decision to Make

groceries beer shopping funny - 7582513152
By Unknown
Criminally Dumb Criminal shopping BAMF Video g rated win - 59385857

When a Robber Hits This Boutique Clothing Outlet, Only a Shopper With a Mannequin Can End the Chaos

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business illusion mall optical illusion painting shopping store trick Video - 25402113

Illusion WIN

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Customer Service With a Sense for the Absurd

Via ReachTheSky

Being an Adult is Really, Really Difficult

Via bizcat

Hacked IRL: That's How they Work!

escalator hacked irl mall shopping Street Art temporarily stairs vacuum - 5231028736
By Unknown

Opening Hours WIN

awesome at work shopping - 4418585600
By NotLucasAgain
motivational shopping black friday Target Video - 66818305

Motivational Speech of the Day: Target Guy Gives Epic Pep Talk Before Black Friday

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Completely Relevent News: Multi-Tasking WIN

completely relevant news mass transit shopping - 4953251584
shopping black friday kids these days Video - 66586113

Witness What Black Friday Looked Like in 1983 and Compare it to What You See Today

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Driving Ms. Daisy: Part 2

shopping old people rock whee childhood enhanced - 8439890688
By beernbiccies

Clever Tool WIN

bag clever contraption invention shopping - 5742908672
By Unknown
business furniture ikea man cave news relationships shopping store Video - 26531073

Man-Nursery WIN

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