Are You Ready for May 25th?

hitchhikers-guide nerdgasm shirt funny - 7490751744
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nerdgasm shirt tetris Video - 62296833

Tetris Has Been Ported to Everything, Including This Guy's Shirt

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Support Cloning WIN

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Darth Polo WIN

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Created by Unknown

Lightsaber Handling WIN

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Via Geeks are Sexy

Nerdy Cryptogram WIN

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Zombie Robot WIN

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I Choo-Choo-Choose This Cake

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Via Laughing Squid

Why Bother With a Name Tag?

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With That 'Stache, We Believe You

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Created by Unknown

Stealing a Look WIN

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Via Sofa Pizza

You Don't Become Doctor Doom by Eating Your Wheaties!

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Via PaperkutRob

Shirt Design WIN

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High-Fives All Around!

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Created by Unknown
3d alien Augmented reality nerdgasm scifi sci fi shirt Video - 41434625

Augmented Reality Shirt WIN

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Required Clothing WIN

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Created by Unknown
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