ocean sharks Video win jumping - 246279

If You Didn't Think Sharks Could Be Badass Without Biting Anyone, Watch This One

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Hacked IRL: They're Getting Smarter

animals hacked naturally awesome scary sharks - 4455478272
By sixonefive72

Elevator Action WIN

elevator sharks hacked irl - 7133152512
Via Neatorama

Bathing Suit WIN

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By Unknown
news nope sharks shark Video - 73910529

These Australian News Anchors are "Never Going Into the Water Again" for Good Reason!

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sharks surfing drones Video - 73430273

This Beautiful Drone Footage Shows a 10-Foot Shark Swimming By Unknowing Surfers

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A Photographer Found the Shark From Finding Nemo off the Coast of Florida

sharks finding nemo photography A Photographer Found the Shark From Finding Nemo off the Coast of Florida
Via EW

We Finally Frickin' Get Them!

sharks laser pointer funny - 7686495232
Via The Awesomer
go pro shark petting fottage

Totally Not Fake: Check Out This "Insane" GoPro "Footage" of a "Totally Real Shark Attack"

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Cloud on Cloud Violence

clouds photography sharks perspective funny - 7602135808
Via Reddit
scuba sharks BAMF Video g rated win - 59343105

Today's Badass Defended Himself From a Shark Attack With Nothing but a Fishing Harpoon

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Gif of the Day: Sharkcam Meets Shark

gifs sharks - 8279776000
Via Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.

We Thought We Were Safe on Land...

snow man sharks winter snow sculpture - 8060769536
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: They've Made It To Land!

fish graffiti hacked neat sharks wall art - 4794776576
By Unknown
seal Damn Nature U Scary san francisco sharks Video animals - 75011585

Watch as a Seal Gets Attacked By a Great White Shark Right Off of a San Francisco Ferry Dock

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Santa, Jaws, Together at Last

christmas scuba aquarium sharks santa - 7966003968
By Unknown
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