Aquarium WIN

aquarium fish photography pretty shark tunnel zoo - 5223730176
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best of week fishing Hall of Fame omg shark surprise Video Wait For It - 39648257

The One That Got Away WIN

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BAMF gifs shark - 6592182784
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news nope sharks shark Video - 73910529

These Australian News Anchors are "Never Going Into the Water Again" for Good Reason!

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beach rescue shark surfer teamwork Video - 26527489

Shark Rescue WIN

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Street Shark WIN

Street Art art graffiti shark hacked irl - 6973600512
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It's Never Safe to Go Back to the Produce Aisle

shark watermelon carving food fruit - 8291891456
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voice books shark - 72319745

Waiting for Shark Week

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Laundry Basket WIN

cute design shark shark week - 6462524416
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No Really, the Fish Was THIS BIG. Also, it Was an 820-Pound Shark.

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Ice Sharks WIN

cute design ice cube ice tray shark - 6548125184
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The Shark Hypnotist is One Bad Dude

scuba shark BAMF funny - 7734660864
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Hammer On

Street Art shark hacked irl - 8294171392
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Sleeping Bag WIN

home shark shark week sleeping - 5049622528
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ocean florida shark Video win rescue - 72988673

Two Brothers Save a Hammerhead Shark By Dragging It On Shore and Pulling a Hook Out of Its Mouth

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High-Five WIN

animals g rated high five scuba scuba diving shark underwater win - 5650400000
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