clouds shadow sunrise blind fog Video rainbow win - 73435905

Sighted People Attempt to Explain Intangible Concepts to a Blind Man

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Perspective WIN

beach carpet flag floating illusion perspective shadow Wait For It - 5471939072
By Vanos_Ira

Hacked IRL: Remodeling

hacked irl shadow sign - 5869082880
Via Colossal

Bro, This Hotel Room is the Breast

funny fail image hotel lights cast breast shadow
Via captainhowdy27

Hacked IRL: Too Bad No One Pays Attention To These Signs

hacked politics shadow stop sign street signs - 4627757824
By Unknown

Shadow Art WIN

art design portrait shadow - 6254838016
Via Isaac Cordal

Billboard Design WIN

advertisement billboard clever shadow - 6349316608
By Unknown

Nice Timing WIN

Perfect Timing photography romance shadow timing - 5531985408
light message poem sculpture shadow time Video - 27044865

Light Poem WIN

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Shadow Crisis WIN

art clever design pipes shadow - 5976502016
By Unknown

Getting Some Shade WIN

Heat pigeon shade shadow - 6545852160
Via Reddit

Relaxing WIN

babes lake pretty colors relaxing shadow - 5563468800
By Unknown

Shadow Player WIN

guitar Music perspective photography shadow - 5917547520
By Unknown

Bat-Shadow WIN

batman hands shadow - 5082597632
By sixonefive72

Kumi Yamashita Makes These Cool Shadow Sculptures, or Maybe They're More Like "Shadow Paintings"?

art design shadow - 8224886528
Via The Awesomer

Jet Shadow WIN

airplane jet photography plane shadow silhouette - 5122318336
By Unknown
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