teens time lapse selfie Video - 74580481

Taking a Selfie-a-day Shows How Drastic You Change Through Your Teens

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Prince Harry camera selfie Video - 70100481

Prince Harry Hates Selfies. We Like Prince Harry a Little More Now

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Everybody Else Needs to Step Up Their Selfie Game

photography ocean selfie - 8428335104
Via The High Definite

BFFs T. Swift and Blake Lively Added Adorable Kanagroo-Selfies to Their Aussie Squad Goals

cute animal photo Taylor Swift and Blake Lively take selfies with kangaroo while in australia
Via @taylorswift & @blakelively
instagram wildlife selfie animals - 1049861

We're Super Jealous of This Self-Described Animal Whisperer Who Takes the Best Selfies

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You Can Lose Weight in a Few Minutes by Simply Changing Your Stance, Clothes, and Hair

selfie girls life hacks g rated win - 7757427968
Via Reddit

This is How an Astronaut Takes a Selfie

selfie astronaut space g rated win - 8386396160
Via Laughing Squid

A Selfie in the Danger Zone

merica jets selfie BAMF air force - 8014021120
Created by Unknown

Selfie WIN

jet merica selfie BAMF funny flying air force - 7818191872
Created by Unknown

"Me Watching a Beautiful Engagement"

man takes selfie during engagement
Via lifesnotperfect

Disco-Bathroom at the Push of a Button

photography lasers selfie funny - 7753943808
Created by Unknown

Who Could Resist This Selfie Opportunity!

puns selfie g rated win - 8227148288
Via swmnln4

The Rare Finned Selfie

sharks scuba selfie - 8158772992
Via Metro
dancing Video selfie - 64539905

Some People Take Selfies, Some People Dance, This Man Has Mastered Both and Taken Them to the Next Level

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Before You Clean Up That Wine Spill... Photo Op!

wine selfie not what it looks like - 8209144576
Via Swiftapple

Supersonic Selfies

selfie BAMF air force - 8211457280
Via All Things Aero
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