You must be on a quest if you've come to search here. Searching for the search is a arduous task full of danger and glory, and also maybe even a backspace or two. Google provides us with endless fill in the blanks that are truly hysterical and sometimes mildly disturbing. So if you like to see how ridiculous search engines can get, you won't be disappointed.

Look at YouTube's Doge Hack: Such Search, So Meme

search the internets youtube doge - 7921566208
Via YouTube: doge search

Google WIN

google search - 6429518336
Created by 008doomguy

WINning at Google

fry meme google search - 6297407232
Created by Unknown

Google Search WIN

clever google physics science search - 5509091840
Created by Unknown

Why Not WIN

autocomplete Canada google search - 5737472256
Created by Mr-Mrowr

Google Search WIN

Beethoven classical music google g rated Music search win - 5680239872
Created by Unknown