You'd Have to be Crazy to Swim With This Reptile

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Via The Nature Animals

King of the World WIN

titanic scuba funny - 7623100928
Created by Unknown
diving gadget scuba underwater Video whee - 35415297

Flying Underwater WIN

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What Happens When You Crack an Egg Underwater? Feeding Frenzy, Mostly.

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Cave Diving WIN

cave scuba scuba diving Travel wincation - 6424153856
Via Neatorama

As if the Rules for Mahjong Couldn't Get More Complicated

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Created by Unknown

Underwater Park WIN

bench park scuba underwater - 5146735104
Created by sixonefive72

Underwater Chess WIN

board game chess scuba scuba diving underwater - 6345745408
Via Web Urbanist
diving egg scuba Video weird - 38896385

Cracking an Egg WIN

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Happy Fish WIN

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Created by Unknown

Watcha Doin'?

fish funny photography scuba - 7902665216
Via Reddit
random act of kindness dolphin scuba Video g rated win - 59271425

This Dolphin Needs Help With a Troublesome Hook and Knows Exactly Where to Find it

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scuba pool Video g rated win - 64352001

Take a Dive Into the World's Deepest Swimming Pool

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Underwater Photography WIN

national geographic photography scuba shark underwater - 5464510720
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Underwater Art Gallery WIN

art exhibit gallery ocean scuba underwater - 5202998016
Via Dudecraft

This is Some Next-Level Yarn Bombing

scuba yarn hacked irl - 8300024832
Via Olek
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