Underwater Art Gallery WIN

art exhibit gallery ocean scuba underwater - 5202998016
Via Dudecraft
crazy scuba shark BAMF Video - 47726849

How Crazy Do You Have to Be to Swim Like This?

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Watcha Doin'?

fish funny photography scuba - 7902665216
Via Reddit
nature scuba mother nature ftw jellyfish Video - 71466241

Nature of the Day: This is What It’s Like to Swim in a Lake Full of Jellyfish

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Underwater Park WIN

bench park scuba underwater - 5146735104
By sixonefive72

Santa, Jaws, Together at Last

christmas scuba aquarium sharks santa - 7966003968
By Unknown

Underwater Warrior WIN

armor scuba underwater - 5050937344
By Unknown
diving fish ocean random act of kindness scuba Video - 38596609

Helping a Fish WIN

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You'd Have to be Crazy to Swim With This Reptile

crazy scuba animals - 7133162752
Via The Nature Animals
scuba Video Stupid Human Tricks - 64145665

How to Blow Bubble Rings Underweater

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Seaception WIN

diving scuba sea underwater - 5032238336
By jakka952

Scuba Diving WIN

diving nerdgasm scuba star wars stormtrooper wtf - 4621408000
By Unknown

Underwater Chess WIN

board game chess scuba scuba diving underwater - 6345745408
Via Web Urbanist

Up Close with History WIN

photography plane scuba diving - 6650183680
By deathwish01b

Even a Ray Needs a Hug Sometimes

scuba photography ocean sting ray funny - 7646460672
By Unknown
scuba sharks BAMF Video g rated win - 59343105

Today's Badass Defended Himself From a Shark Attack With Nothing but a Fishing Harpoon

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