Stopping Crime WIN

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Aircraft Safety Briefing WIN

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Fire Extinguisher WIN

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This Children's Helmet is Rad and Would Actually Make Helmet Hair Cool

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Pornhub Wants to Keep Olympics Attendees Safe From Zika Virus

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Finns Are Coating Their Reindeer's Antlers With Reflective Material for Night Time Safety, Because Finland is Awesome

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Lock WIN

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Lightsaber Handling WIN

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Planking WIN

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Hacked IRL: Getting Out of a Tough Spot

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Hilarious Westjet Flight Attendant Safety Demo Leaves Passengers In Stitches

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BAMF demonstration design glass safety Video - 40575745

Invincible Glass? WIN

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For All Your Imprisonment Needs

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Safety Check WIN

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The Microwave is a Doomsday Device?

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