Marathon BAMF WIN

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Racing the Tube in London

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Running WIN

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Check This College Legend As He Pounds 13 Brews While Running a Sub-Two Hour Marathon

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The Best Way to Enjoy a Run Through the Seasons is on Someone Else's Hyperlapse Route

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Interactive Ad WIN

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Motivational Banner WIN

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GoPro zoo running Video - 80446465

A GoPro Strapped to a Cheetah Gives You a Front Row Seat to Watch How Fast These Cats Really Are

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Completely Relevant News: Get Up Again

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He Just Kept on Running!

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A Woman Is Running Across the Irish Sea in a Giant Hamster Ball for Charity

running charity A Woman Is Running Across the Irish Sea in a Giant Hamster Ball for Charity
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sports race sumo running Video - 75279617

Watching Sumo Wrestlers Race Each Other is Exactly as Entertaining as it Sounds

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Watch This Badass 70-Year-Old Woman Finish a 100 Mile Marathon Just Before the Cutoff

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This Badass Grandma Ran a 20:23 Beer Mile

grandma finishes beer mile in 20 minutes
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NSFW Video of a new fad called sexcersize which is exactly how it sounds, and was introduced by Pornhub, so yeah, it is real.

PornHub's BangFit Is the Sexercise Routine to Get Workout Enthusiasts Fit as Fu*k

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Adventures of a Radish WIN

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