rubiks cube

world record rubiks cube Video - 61048577

The Rubik's Cube Turned 40 This Week, So Here Are the Fastest Cubers in the World

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juggling rubiks cube Video - 48126465

Juggle Solving WIN

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juggling nerdgasm rubiks cube Video - 68448513

Juggling, Cube Solving, This Guy Can Do it All

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stop motion animation music video rubiks cube Video g rated win - 70001665

Thousands of Rubik's Cube Solutions Make This Music Video Come to Life

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design lego puzzle robot rubiks cube Video - 31984641

Rubik's Cube Solver WIN

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rubiks cube Video - 69170433

Watch This Guy Solve a Rubik's Cube Purely From Memory... in Under 60 Seconds

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License Plate WIN

car cube driving license plate nerdgasm rubiks cube - 6508113920
melting nerdgasm rubiks cube Video g rated win - 68771841

Can't Solve a Rubik's Cube? Just Drop Some Molten-Hot Nickel Onto it!

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nerdgasm rubiks cube Video - 63675649

Solving a Rubik's Cube Around the World

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world record rubiks cube Video win - 76123393

Watch as a New Rubik's Cube World Record is Set

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What Did Rubik's Cubes Need? More Dials, Clearly.

puzzle nerdgasm rubiks cube - 7133503744
Via Laughing Squid
rubiks cube Video - 78262273

This Guy's Video of His World's Largest Rubik's Cube is Weirdly Soothing and Fascinating

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These Cubes Don't Run!

nerdgasm america rubiks cube - 8448592896
By craighoward.pack
engineering lego nerdgasm rubiks cube Video - 24148737

Rubik's Solver WIN

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Hacked IRL: Blast this Damned Cube!

darth vader hacked irl nerdgasm puzzle rubiks cube star wars - 5174820096
By Unknown
nerdgasm rubiks cube Video - 59015681

It's Really Hard to Peel off the Stickers on a Rubik's Cube Underwater. Luckily, This Guy can Solve Them There.

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