Newspaper Prank WIN

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Seeking: Awesome Roommate Who Can Understand These Rules

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Spoopy Roomie

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If You've Ever Had Roommates You Can Relate to This

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This Video Delivers a Life Hack for the Ages: Wash a Goddamn Dish, You Trash Person

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Thief roommate gets tricked into dying clothes | r/pettyrevenge Posted by u/nothesame 5 days ago She kept stealing my washing powder so gave her dye don't mind my roommates borrow my stuff all been there. All ask is they replace they take drink my milk? Just buy new milk s as simple as Unfortunately my roommate doesn't seem get this. She keeps taking my stuff and ask her please replace everything she takes she'll buy one new thing and "forget do next time despite having more money than .

Stealing Roommate Gets Clothes Dyed for Free

Hey cool, free dye.
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