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Life is a roller coaster, make sure you get on at the right time, and hang on the twists and turns. Just hold your lunch as you laugh out loud at these roller coaster puns.

batman Video roller coaster g rated win - 64078593

This is the Design for the New Batman-Themed Roller Coaster at a Texas Six Flags. Because Roller Coasters Needed More JUSTICE.

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Students at MIT Built Their Own Roller Coaster, Just Because

DIY whee roller coaster - 8414072064
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grandma old people rock whee Video roller coaster g rated win - 59990273

This 78-Year-Old Granny Has the Reaction to Roller Coasters We Can All Relate to

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dad parenting roller coaster Video whee - 40501761

Cool Dad WIN

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Canada ride mountains Video roller coaster - 79347969

Break Out Your Adventure List and Put This Summer Mountain Coaster on it ASAP

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Jenga WIN

jenga Like a Boss roller coaster whee - 6216260864
Created by Sarina

Keep a Steady Hand!

balance amusement park jenga roller coaster - 7377866752
Created by Unknown

Raising the Stakes WIN

timing photography whee roller coaster - 7258323456
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art Inception roller coaster Video whee - 34128385

Invisible Roller Coaster WIN

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Riding the Roller Coaster WIN

Like a Boss photography roller coaster whee - 6030010112
Created by pigoni

Peace Beyond Understanding WIN

monk roller coaster whee - 6192707840
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real estate Video roller coaster g rated win - 66952961

How Do You Sell a Home? Put a Tiny Roller Coaster in it!

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Not Impressed WIN

amusement park disneyland poker face roller coaster theme park - 5527611648
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The Circle of Fun

amusement park lion king roller coaster - 6901555968
Created by Unknown
DIY whee Video roller coaster - 63038465

All the Neighborhood Kids Are Going to Want in on This Backyard Roller Coaster

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Walking Roller Coaster WIN

art design installation roller coaster sculpture stairs steps walking whee - 5435594240
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