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Life is a roller coaster, make sure you get on at the right time, and hang on the twists and turns. Just hold your lunch as you laugh out loud at these roller coaster puns.

GoPro whee Video roller coaster - 61790465

Camera Trickery Makes This Roller Coaster Look Like an Extraterrestrial Experience

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Roller Coaster WIN

amusement park lake photography roller coaster whee wincation - 6070690560
By Unknown

Bike Coaster WIN

amusement park motorcycle roller coaster whee - 6192822528
By Unknown
dad parenting roller coaster Video whee - 40501761

Cool Dad WIN

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These Monks Know How to Get Attached to Some Fun

monks whee roller coaster - 7104738304
By Unknown
lego nerdgasm roller coaster - 59588353

Can We Blow Up This LEGO Roller Coaster and Make it the Real Thing?

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Not Impressed WIN

amusement park disneyland poker face roller coaster theme park - 5527611648
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Walking Roller Coaster WIN

art design installation roller coaster sculpture stairs steps walking whee - 5435594240

The Circle of Fun

amusement park lion king roller coaster - 6901555968
By Unknown
snow winter whee roller coaster - 58611201

Take a Ride on the Snowlercoaster`

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Ping Pong WIN

amusement park g rated photography ping pong prank roller coaster win - 5610056192
By Mike McFerran


pose roller coaster shaving - 4147641600
By Unknown
coaster mountains roller coaster ski speed Video whee - 29499905


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grandma old people rock whee Video roller coaster g rated win - 59990273

This 78-Year-Old Granny Has the Reaction to Roller Coasters We Can All Relate to

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Afternoon Tea WIN

drink sir roller coaster tea - 5693278720
By fandf89


whee funny roller coaster - 7668411392
By Unknown
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