CLASSIC: Test Answers WIN

answers clever education facepalm response school test - 5559343616
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Picture of stewardess in training and a screen capture of an exchange between a woman and Southwest Airlines and they have a good response to her questions.

Girl Trolls Southwest Airlines About 'Rude Service' and They Snap Back With Best Response Ever

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Hacked IRL: Danger ___________

danger graffiti hacked irl response sign tag warning - 5415528448
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Meme Response WIN

election Memes response school true facts - 6109224448
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Risky WIN

answer clever education response risk test - 5505241344
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Hacked IRL: Well Played

advice graffiti hacked irl literal response sarcasm wisdom - 5148399616
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Sunday School WIN

Hall of Fame homework religion response school - 5196340480
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Response WIN

college facepalm irony poster response spelling - 5365800448
Created by Lincoln Falk

John Wilkes Booth WIN

abraham lincoln crime note response statue stealing theft vandalism - 5536810496
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Anvil Wanted WIN

anvil cartoons looney tunes response sign - 5501376512
Created by M.B.B. Jones

The North (Liar)Face

fashion facebook response clothes win - 8976408320
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Repsonding to Haters WIN

clever response - 6158441984
Created by sita
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