Dog Rescue WIN

animal dogs good samaritan pet rescue saved - 5443589376
Created by Unknown

Snail Safety WIN

animals Hall of Fame Painted project rescue snail - 5322692352
Created by meganeguard

Florida Man Trying to Run to Bermuda in a Bubble Was Rescued by the Coast Guard (Again)

bubble running rescue Florida Man Trying to Run to Bermuda in a Bubble Was Rescued by the Coast Guard (Again)
Via @USCGSoutheast
avalanche Damn Nature U Scary BAMF skiing Video rescue - 69594625

Brave and Terrifying Footage of an Avalanche Rescue

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happy ending rescue - 890629

Flight Attendant Gets Adopted by a Stray Dog and Decides to Return the Favor

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news facebook earthquake Video rescue - 273415

Golden Retriever Rescued From the Rubble After a Devastating Earthquake in Italy

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dogs BAMF Video rescue - 59387137

One Very Lucky Dog Makes it Out Alive in Portugal Thanks to a Daring Rescue

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brazil dolphin rescue Video - 35295745

Dolphin Rescue WIN

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list cute Cats rescue - 628229

This Biker Rescued a Kitten and Took Her on the Road

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Sweet Woman in India Rescues a Stray Dog, Names Her Eevee, and Creates a Pokemon GO Style Website to Get Her Adopted

woman in india rescues dog names her eevee creates pokemon go website to get her adopted
Via Adopt Eevee
beach rescue shark surfer teamwork Video - 26527489

Shark Rescue WIN

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deer Video rescue - 58413569

These Deer Are Lucky to Have Someone Watching Over Them

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tornado rescue - 50566657

A Heartwarming Reunion in the Middle of Oklahoma Will Give You Some Hope

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car crash good samaritan news pedestrians rescue Video - 25825537

Good Samaritan WIN

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costume adoption photography Video rescue - 82297601

Rescue Dogs Get Dressed up Like People for Their Adoption Photoshoot

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flooding restoring faith in humanity week Video win rescue - 73283841

When Flooding Waters in Yemen Swept a Kid Away, This Man Risked His Life To Rescue Him

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