Silly Request WIN

doorbell fix repair sign - 6460266496
By Unknown

All You'll Ever Need WIN

repair duct tape there I fixed it g rated win Hall of Fame best of week - 6852131072
Via Reddit

Fixing It WIN

duct tape repair tape there I fixed it - 6497480448
By Unknown

Definitely a Secret Hidden Behind That Wall

Via BishopMyriel

Doing Your Part WIN

car politics repair roads taxes - 6498057728
By _AfterDarkness_

Road Repair WIN

batman design repair road - 6568896000
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: Quick Repairs

bricks fix hacked irl lego repair Street Art toys - 5617935104
Via Street Art Utopia

Lego Repairs WIN

art design lego repair toys wall - 5672507648
By Unknown

The Magic of Science WIN

car repair there I fixed it tire - 6284582656
By Unknown

Bike Hanger WIN

bike DIY fixed handle repair - 6281241344
Via The World's Best Ever

Bonus Points (XP?) for Creativity

Via Supahvaporeon

Not Getting Paid Enough WIN

heights job power line repair vertigo work - 6376512256
By Unknown

Door Repair WIN

door repair - 6872391424
Via Reddit

Antenna Repairs WIN

crazy heights photography repair skyscraper vertigo - 5178485504
By Unknown

Mowing WIN

crane lawn repair there I fixed it - 6281236224
By Unknown

Why Not Both WIN

car design DIY fix motorcycle repair - 6360756992
Via Reddit
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