Completely Relevant News: R2D2 Has Your Back

completely relevant news newspaper r2d2 rescue star wars - 4903184128
By meganeguard

Your Favorite Astromech Buddy, Now a Bag!

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The Astromech Chair

chair DIY design funny star wars r2d2 - 7913162240
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r2d2 lego design Video - 52753921

This LEGO R2-D2 Practically Builds Itself

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R2-DTuna WIN

r2d2 star wars droid robot nerdgasm - 6792713984
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r2d2 arcade star wars design Video pinball - 70688257

Got a Cool $13k to Spend? How About a Custom R2-D2 Pinball Coffee Table?

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From Air Conditioner to Astromech

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R2 Had a Hard Time After the Fall of the Empire

r2d2 star wars nerdgasm hacked irl g rated win - 8296304640
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R2-D2 with a Voice is the Star Wars Special Edition We've Always Wanted

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cake r2d2 star wars nerdgasm Video - 51557889

Your Nerd Cakes May be Cool, but do They Have a Projector in Them?

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Aquarium WIN

r2d2 design aquarium nerdgasm g rated win - 7491356160
By Unknown

Star Wars Tile WIN

bathroom chewbacca design nerdgasm r2d2 star wars tile - 5541026816
By Unknown

Astromech Grill WIN

barbecue cooking grill nerdgasm r2d2 summer - 6322131456
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door r2d2 star wars Video win - 80251393

This Sliding Door Sounds Just Like R2-D2 Screaming

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Sand Sculpture WIN

r2d2 art star wars sand sculpture design nerdgasm - 6901561856
Via Sculptin
nerdgasm r2d2 shut up and take my money Video - 60317441

R2 Measures Up to the Competition

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