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Irish People Watch Prom Proposals for the First Time, and Their Reactions Are Golden

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Okay, These Prom-posals Are Getting out of Control

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The Most Practical Prom Proposal Yet

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Prom Location WIN

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Dude's "The Office" Inspired Promposal on “America’s Got Talent” Is Mic-Drop Worthy

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This Teen Just Skydived to Ask a Girl to Prom And I Want To Time Travel to Kill My Former Self Now

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Forget Celebrity Prom Dates, This High School Kid Brought an NFL Cheerleader with Him (After 10k Retweets)

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Finally a Promposal You Don't Want to Hate

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When a Gay Student Wanted to Get Asked Out to Prom, His Straight Buddy Stepped Up His Game

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Service Dog Wears Matching Dress to Prom With Her Human

service dog wears matching prom dress
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Twerking Your Way to Prom

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Prom Warning WIN

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