Perspective Art WIN

art fence perspective portrait Street Art - 6438185728
Created by Unknown

Dirt Art WIN

art car celeb dirt Hall of Fame marilyn monroe portrait - 5469289728
Created by Unknown

Rubik's Design WIN

art cube design pixel portrait rubiks cube - 5226920960
Created by Unknown

The Best Portraiture is LEGO Portraiture

dogs lego portrait nerdgasm - 8257722368
Via andebauchery

BIC Portrait WIN

art best of week Hall of Fame pen portrait pretty colors what - 6532262144
Via Colossal

Fittingly This is a Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka Portrait Made Entirely of Candy

win artist made portrait of Willy Wonka with candy as tribute to Gene Wilder
Via Jason Mecier
manly portrait sasquatch Video - 38814977

Jerky Portrait WIN

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Something Seems Recursive About This Photo About This Recursive About This Photo

photography portrait funny - 7864089344
Created by Unknown

Shadow Art WIN

art bottle face portrait shadows water bottle - 5734304256
Created by Unknown

Passing Time on a Trip WIN

portrait train vacation - 6441532416
Created by Unknown

Lookalike WIN

lookalike art TLL portrait painting - 6848603392
Created by Unknown

This Incredible Portrait of Dr. King is Made Entirely of Rubik's Cubes

art nerdgasm portrait - 8013586176
Via Pete Fecteau

Doppelganger WIN

double totally looks like Doppelgänger portrait painting - 6767269632
Via Daily Mail

Astronaut Self-Portrait WIN

astronaut nasa portrait self portrait space - 6203239168
Created by Unknown

Money Face WIN

bill clever currency dolla-dolla-bills-yall face money perspective portrait - 5540423424
Created by Unknown
art pin pixels portrait stop motion Video - 34732289

Pin Art WIN

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