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Shake off That Case of the Mondays by Watching This Legend Beat the Elite Four Using Nothing but a Magikarp

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Even Being Front and Center at a Beyoncé Concert Can't Stop Pokémon Go Trainers

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Clever Tweet WIN

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The Rare and Short Joy of the Beginner Pokémon Trainer

Pokémon gym pokemon go - 8965150464
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Internet Fandom WIN

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When You Claim the Only Gym in the Middle of Nowheresville, Minnesota

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Square Enix Manages to Reimagine Pokémon GO in One Perfectly Executed Tweet

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The Second Wave of the Pokénatomy Series Is Here, And They're Better Than We Could've Hoped For

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This Guy Plays Pokémon GO! In Real Life on a Skateboard, and Ash Ketchum Would Be Jelly

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Pikachu Bus WIN

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PokeCondom WIN

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Parenting on the GO

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Catching an Adorably Cute Pokémon is the Best Excuse For Being Late

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Trumpémon Go! is All About Catching the Minorities at the RNC

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This "Cursed Museum Specimen" is One of the Coolest Birthday Presents for a Pokémon Fan

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