Check the paper, you might be there. 

paper airplane tutorial GIFs

Simple Long Distance Paper Airplane Tutorial (Ten GIFs)

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Playing Card Torus WIN

craft DIY math nerdgasm nerdy paper project - 5182123008
Via Dudecraft

Paper Art WIN

disney art nerdgasm paper - 6956337920
Via Custom Papertoys

Paper Folding WIN

art awesome book carved love pages paper - 4987202816
Created by Unknown

Paper Dragon WIN

dragon origami paper papercraft - 5012622336
Created by Unknown
how to make an easy to medium paper airplane gifs

Glider Paper Airplane Tutorial (GIFs): Easy/Medium Difficulty

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how to make a paper airplane

Quick Glider Paper Airplane Tutorial: Step by Step GIFs

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Paper Hand WIN

clever design paper sculpture skeleton - 6125101824
Created by Unknown

Page-Turner WIN

art book books hand library fetish modification paper reading is sexy sculpture - 5206697728
Via reddit

Origami Mosaic WIN

art origami paper mosaic lion - 6898656000
Via Colossal

Jello Origami WIN

art dessert folding food Jello origami paper - 5710501888
Via My Jello Americans

Movie Notice WIN

graph life lessons movies paper sex text - 4554603008
Created by Unknown

With the Right Lighting, These Paper Dioramas Come to Life

art design paper - 8314986496
Via Colossal

Paper Butterfly WIN

art butterfly cut design paper - 6373427456
Via Design Swan
glider paper airplane tutorial

Glider Paper Airplane Tutorial for Intermediates (GIFs)

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The Amazing Paper Sculpture of Zim and Zou

art design paper nifty - 8110481408
Via Colossal
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