Check the paper, you might be there. 

Harry Potter Paper Art WIN

art books Harry Potter movies paper skills - 4966468352
Via brittany lee
animated cube paper short stop motion Video - 30580481

Stop Motion Short WIN

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folding paper paper airplane robotics science Video - 31746305

Robot Folding WIN

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The Amazing Paper Sculpture of Zim and Zou

art design paper nifty - 8110481408
Via Colossal

Take a Look, It's in a Book WIN

art book castle cloud design library fetish paper reading is sexy - 5778908160
Created by Unknown

Paper Animal Sculptures WIN

animals art bird craft paper sculpture - 5286056960
Via Flavorwire

Movie Notice WIN

graph life lessons movies paper sex text - 4554603008
Created by Unknown
complete guide for making paper airplanes

Complete Guide For Making Eight Paper Airplane Styles (GIFs)

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Paper Castle WIN

art paper papercraft pretty colors sculpture - 6441522944
Via Reddit

Paper Art WIN

art star wars nerdgasm paper cutout - 6881625088
Via Cheong ah-Hwang
how to make a paper airplane

Quick Glider Paper Airplane Tutorial: Step by Step GIFs

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Paper Camera WIN

art camera design model paper sculpture - 5171429888
Via Flavorwire

Paper Anatomy WIN

anatomy art design paper g rated win - 7035781376
Via Colossal

These "Rugs" Are Actually Elaborate Paper Designs

art design paper - 8371473408
Via Colossal

One Cut WIN

design paper cutout origami art - 6643846144
Created by Unknown

Origami Snake WIN

art design Hall of Fame origami paper snake - 5996349696
Created by Ninjadinosaur98
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