Check the paper, you might be there. 

Paper Dragon Trophy WIN

design dragon nerdgasm paper - 6414776832
Via Geeks are Sexy

These "Rugs" Are Actually Elaborate Paper Designs

art design paper - 8371473408
Via Colossal

Paper Art WIN

art cute origami paper papercraft sculpture - 5493613312
Via Neatorama
school university quiz paper win - 137734

Making This Shot Put This Student at Legendary Status After Just One Lecture Class

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Origami Mosaic WIN

art origami paper mosaic lion - 6898656000
Via Colossal
how to make a simple paper airplane in GIFs

How To Make a Basic Paper Airplane: Step by Step GIFs

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This Web-Thin Design is Made Entirely of Paper

art design paper nifty - 8298988544
Via Maude White

Another Quilled Paper Design From Yulia Brodskaya

art design paper - 7186722816
Via Colossal

Psychedelic Paper Sculpture WIN

art design illusion paper pretty colors - 5625783040
Via Neatorama

Badass Origami WIN

art Badass neat origami paper - 4815214336
By ekahnicole

Hacked IRL: Paper Memento Mori

hacked irl memento mori paper skull Street Art - 5949193216
Via Neatorama

3D Illustrations WIN

3d book books cutout paper reading is sexy - 5185773056
Via Flavorwire

With the Right Lighting, These Paper Dioramas Come to Life

art design paper - 8314986496
Via Colossal

Paper Camera WIN

art camera design model paper sculpture - 5171429888
Via Flavorwire

Silhouette Art WIN

paper silhouette design nerdgasm zombie - 6631990272
Via Laughing Squid

Writing on Paper WIN

99 Hall of Fame note Occupy Wall Street paper parody political - 5364024064
By Unknown
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