art currency folding money origami - 4655227136
Created by Unknown

Origami Snake WIN

art design Hall of Fame origami paper snake - 5996349696
Created by Ninjadinosaur98
paper airplane tutorial

Paper Airplane Tutorial in GIFs: Medium Difficulty

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This Cobra Was Folded Form a Single Sheet of Paper

art origami design funny - 7777279744
Via Colossal

Teeny Tiny Origami!

tiny origami design - 8386401280
Via Viral Nova

Panda-gami WIN

panda origami design cute - 7691776768
Created by Unknown

Tiny Origami WIN

art collection gallery origami small tiny - 5091510016
Via Anja Markiewicz's Flickr

X-Wing WIN

reading is sexy star wars x wing origami nerdgasm books - 6962205184
Via Obvious Winner

Hacked IRL: Natural Habitat

banksy crane graffiti origami Street Art - 6009700352
Via Colossal

Paper Dragon WIN

art dinosaur dragon origami paper papercraft sculpture - 5226592512
Via My Confined Space

Dollar Bill Origami

art cool currency fish money origami - 4914969344
Created by Unknown

The Fastest Scrap of Paper in the Galaxy

star wars origami nerdgasm millennium falcon - 8363320832
Via adamite85

Illuminated Boats WIN

origami design pretty colors boat - 6898657024
Via Colossal

What is Up With Adam Tran's Origami Sorcery?!

Via Colossal

Origami Beetle WIN

beetle bug insect nerdgasm origami paper papercraft - 5185732608
Via Neatorama
origami design magnets Video g rated win - 69179393

Electromagnets Help This Origami Dance

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