optimus prime

Watermelon Prime WIN

carving food nerdgasm optimus prime sculpture - 5042173952
By Unknown

Someone is Turning Old Junk Into a Beautiful Optimus Prime

transformers design nerdgasm optimus prime - 8279944704
Via Proteon

Junk Sculpture WIN

sculpture nerdgasm optimus prime DIY junk - 6819783680
Via The Star

Poptimus Prime is the Largest Balloon Sculpture Made by a Single Person

Balloons design optimus prime transformers g rated win - 8167383296
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Cleaning the Floors WIN

transformers optimus prime hacked irl - 7130905088
Via Reddit

Prime Knitting WIN

Hall of Fame knitting nerdgasm optimus prime transformers - 6324957696
Via Neatorama

From Hero to Writing Utensil in the Blink of an Eye

design optimus prime pen transformers - 8228538112
Via Geekologie

Ice-timus Prime

carving ice nerdgasm optimus prime sculpture transformers - 7994537984
Via Antti Pedrozo

Optimus Ice WIN

ice nerdgasm optimus prime sculpture transformers - 5091567360
By Unknown

Optimus Time is Here to Repair the Continuum

transformers cosplay tardis nerdgasm doctor who optimus prime - 8169602816
Via toolofthedevil

Optimus Hoodie WIN

nerdgasm optimus prime transformers shirt swag Hall of Fame best of week - 6636586752
Via 80sTees
cake transformers optimus prime noms - 73848833

This Cake Is Just Here To Remind You How Lame Your Birthday Was

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art batman comic book nerdgasm optimus prime simpsons transformers Video - 30567425

Illustration Illusion WIN

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Optimus Snow WIN

ice nerdgasm optimus prime snow transformers - 5934698752
Via Laughing Squid

Server WIN

nerdgasm optimus prime restaurant server - 6207036416
Via Reddit

Epic Meet-up WIN

cars license plate nerdgasm optimus prime transformers - 6509086208
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