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A Story of Music and Memory Makes a Reporter Burst into Tears on Air

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103 Year-Old Woman Fulfills Her Dream of Getting a High School Diploma

This lady knows how to get stuff done!

Classic: Captain WIN

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At 101 and 96 Years Old, These Sisters Prove Pestering Your Siblings Never Gets Old

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Quote of the Day: World’s Oldest Person Misao Okawa Says Life Was Too Short

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After 57 Years of Marriage, This Couple Got a 'The Notebook' Inspired Photoshoot and It's Realer Than the Tears Already Welling-Up in Your Eyes

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This Guy Dressed as an Old Man to Troll the Body Builders at Muscle Beach

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Acting Your Age WIN

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The Joy of Old People Watching Star Wars: The Force Awaken's Trailer Will Feed Your Hype For Its Release

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Let's All Cheers For This 100 Year Old Woman That Credits Booze To Her Long Life

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Rapping Granny Spits Hot Fire in the Back of an Ambulance

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There's Only One Problem For Two Grannies in a Lamborghini...

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Well That Makes it Easier

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An Irish Bus Driver's Act of Kindness Will Cheer Up Anyone's Cynical Mood

heartwarming facebook image bus driver in Cork Ireland tied old woman's shoes for her
Via Clara O'Brien

This Badass Grandma Ran a 20:23 Beer Mile

grandma finishes beer mile in 20 minutes
Via Runners World
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