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Happy Canada Day? Nah.

cake merica oh canada 4th of july canada day - 7625756672
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Metric Flower Bed WIN

awesome at work clever girl oh canada signs - 4358718720
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Canadian Disobedience WIN

disobedience oh canada sledding snow winter - 4461505024

TL;DR: Bear Warning WIN

animals awesome at work oh canada poop signs tldr - 4401610496
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Reasonable Protest WIN

oh canada Protest - 5879480576
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This is the Most Canadian Headline Possible

completely relevant news news oh canada funny g rated win - 7921872640
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clever oh canada old people sign skateboarding - 4625103872
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The Snowmen Armies of Canada are Ready for Christmas

christmas oh canada snowman winter g rated win - 7962367232
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Canadian Crime Sprees

random act of kindness oh canada funny newspaper - 7649856512
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Area WIN

airport awesome at work oh canada signs vancouver - 4598275072
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CLASSIC: Waiting for a Bus to Swing By

oh canada design swings whee childhood enhanced - 7756656384
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Aquarium Sign WIN

aquarium fish oh canada signs smoking - 4752100096
By Mr-Epic
cool science oh canada snow Video winter Winter Wonderland - 13747969


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Paddleboard WIN

marquee oh canada signs water zombie - 4768608000
By AdvGuide

Zombie Awareness Signs WIN

Hall of Fame oh canada road signs warning zombie - 4913343744
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Canadians Make the Most of Their Ice Storms

ice skating whee oh canada winter - 7970356736
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