Plumber's Empire WIN

map mario nerdgasm nintendo snes Super Mario bros - 5540397056
Via Flavorwire

Mario Papercraft WIN

mario nerdgasm nintendo papercraft Super Mario bros - 6277511936
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: Tanuki Suit!

hacked irl nerdgasm nintendo Super Mario bros video game - 5277775104
By cheezburga100

IRL Nintendog

animals dogs nintendo IRL g rated win - 8025349120
Via Sozin91
jimmy fallon Video Game Coverage video games nintendo - 84052993

Watch Shigeru Miyamoto and The Roots Play the Super Mario Bros Theme

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Have Some Extra Cash Lying Round? Why Not a Fully-Functioning NES Controller Coffee Table?

design nerdgasm for sale nintendo g rated win - 8387098368
Via MillerWoodshop

Mario Coffee WIN

coffee coffee art latte latte art mario nerdgasm nintendo Super Mario bros - 6284748288
Via Reddit

Mario Moebius

3D printer mario nerdgasm nintendo Super Mario bros - 6594926080
Via Reddit

You Are Now Hearing the Startup Jingle in Your Head

gamecube cars video games nintendo - 8120855808
Via Google

Problematic Pet-napping Plummers

nintendo tortoise turtle - 4036561920
By Unknown

Mario Heels WIN

fashion heel mario nerdgasm nintendo shoe Super Mario bros - 5331926784
Via Geeks Are Sexy
first person mario Video nintendo - 47839233

This is What a Mario Game Would Look Like in First Person

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Mario Bathroom WIN

bathroom design Hall of Fame home mario nerdgasm nintendo Super Mario bros - 5216364288
By Unknown

8-Bit Christmas WIN

8 bit christmas decorations christmas tree decorations nerdgasm nintendo - 5568473088
By Unknown

Metroid Costume WIN

costume halloween Metroid nerdgasm nintendo video game - 5360122112
Via Chozoboy's Deviantart
Mario Kart nerdgasm nintendo Video video game video games IRL - 29515009

Mario Karts WIN

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