Police Dog Says Good Bye to Partner

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Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds Continue to Show Us They're a Couple Real Life Superheroes

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Nice Job Buddy, Now to the Vet!

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This Australian News Reporter Gets Bitten by a Bull Ant, Takes It Like a Champ

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After a Woman Steals a Texas News Reporter's Credit Card, She Was Busted By Him On TV

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A Group of Firefighters Had to End Their Shopping Trip Due to an Emergency Call, but This Was Waiting for Them When They Got Back

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Swedish Man Sets Ablaze Giant Straw Goat In Honor of Christmas Tradition

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couple marries at store they met at

Couple Spent for Time Get Married Last Minute in the Grocery Store Where They Met

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Completely Relevant News: The Prince for Me!

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He Didn't See That Coming!

man forgets glasses wins lottery
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This Guy Knows What it Means to Be a Real-Life Superhero

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Not a Single Damn WIN

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Completely Relevant News: Headline WIN

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What if Ron Burgundy Covered Today's News?

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Community Bands Together to Hold a Superhero-Themed Funeral for 6-Year-Old Killed At South Carolina School Shooting

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Granny is Getting Faded Thanks to the St. Paul Police Tonight

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