Hacked IRL: 1-1

hacked irl mario nerdgasm super mario - 5065136640
Created by Unknown

Gameboy WIN

Street Art nerdgasm graffiti hacked irl video games gameboy - 6975859968
Via Reddit

Take a Bite Out of This Pixel-Perfect NES Cake!

Via CaraMiaCake

Twist-Ties WIN

art nerdgasm video games funny g rated win - 7498352896
Via Geekologie

Any Door Can Become the Best Door in Your House

tardis nerdgasm doctor who funny - 7809881856
Via Geekologie

Breadcrab WIN

baking bread food half life nerdgasm - 6431838720
Via Neatorama
melting nerdgasm rubiks cube Video g rated win - 68771841

Can't Solve a Rubik's Cube? Just Drop Some Molten-Hot Nickel Onto it!

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But No, Seriously, I Don't Like Sand

photography star wars nerdgasm hacked irl - 8380985088
Via GallowBoob


nerdgasm road sign star wars street name - 4353096704
Created by sixonefive72

Steampunk Nerf Mod WIN

g rated Hall of Fame modification nerdgasm Nerf Steampunk toy win - 5879058944
Via Obvious Winner

Mortal Kombat Pizza WIN

food Mortal Kombat nerdgasm pizza video game - 5394733056
Created by Unknown

Costume WIN

costume design halloween nerdgasm transformers - 6616581632
Created by Unknown

Cthulhu Chair WIN

chair cthulhu design nerdgasm - 4750688768
Created by sixonefive72

Metroid Costume WIN

costume halloween Metroid nerdgasm nintendo video game - 5360122112
Via Chozoboy's Deviantart

Brain Cube WIN

brain cube nerdgasm nerdy puzzle rubiks cube - 5206557952
Via Neatorama

Someone is Turning Old Junk Into a Beautiful Optimus Prime

transformers design nerdgasm optimus prime - 8279944704
Via Proteon
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