Needle Sculpture WIN

carving design Harry Potter needle nerdgasm - 5981802240
Via The Awesomer

Hard Hat WIN

awesome at work nerdgasm Spider-Man - 4415185664
Created by Unknown

Cylon Tea WIN

Battlestar Galactica breakfast Captain Picard drink food nerdgasm pop culture Star Trek tea - 5200131584
Created by Unknown

Family Tree WIN

boba fett nerdgasm star wars - 5999936256
Created by Unknown

Snowman WIN

South Park nerdgasm snowman - 6975855104
Via Reddit
fandom Game of Thrones impression nerdgasm Video - 39620097

Game of Thrones Impressions WIN

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The Legend of This Tattoo

nerdgasm tattoos video games - 8121981184
Via Geekologie

Lightsaber Sticks WIN

chopsticks design food light saber nerdgasm star wars - 5160533248
Created by Unknown

Smaug Cake WIN

cake Lord of the Rings nerdgasm - 7014752512
Via Joanne Casey

Vader Balloon WIN

balloon classic darth vader nerdgasm star wars - 5114280448
Created by catasaurus84

Someone Out There Has This Star Wars Theater Room, and We Are Very Jealous

star wars design nerdgasm home theater g rated win - 8299044352
Via Geeks Are Sexy
wall.e nerdgasm DIY funny - 53255169

This Guy Made His Own Life-Size Wall-E!

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DIY gamecube nerdgasm portable Video video game - 31382273

Portable Gamecube WIN

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Enter WIN

design door keyboard nerdgasm - 5854741760
Created by Unknown

Of Course That Flight is On Time, You Hear What it Did to the Kessel Run?

Via stolenrobotgorilla

Mario Heels WIN

fashion heel mario nerdgasm nintendo shoe Super Mario bros - 5331926784
Via Geeks Are Sexy
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