the legend of zelda nerdgasm funny Video g rated win Music - 52863745

Unicycle Accordion Zelda Music is Basically the Nerdiest Thing on the Internet

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Easter Eggs WIN

easter nerdgasm video games - 7168694272
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Being Right 50% of the Time WIN

admiral ackbar clever nerdgasm puns star wars - 6395769856
By KetsyBaby (Via

Somebody at LEGO Needs to Get the Stamp of Approval on This Steampunk AT-AT Walker

Steampunk design nerdgasm - 8299043072
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Vader-Blasting WIN

cosplay darth vader nerdgasm star wars - 6124403200

AD Family Stickers WIN

bumper sticker nerdgasm arrested development g rated win - 6920738048
By Unknown


design nerdgasm Steampunk thumb drive usb drive - 6417344256
By Unknown

Pi in the Sky WIN

design math nerdgasm pi - 6582989568
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Zombie Gameboy WIN

DIY game boy halloween modification nerdgasm zombie - 5352442880
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Microsoft Points Error WIN

error free stuff money nerdgasm video game xbox - 5443990016
By ParanoidPenguin (Via Loudmouthed Gamers)

The Wampa is a Lot Less Threatening in Rug Form

drugs star wars nerdgasm - 8310450176
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Nerds Get in on the "Shoveling Snow" Business

snow nerdgasm winter g rated win - 7975307776
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Scrap Metal Ravager WIN

art cars junk nerdgasm pop culture sculpture transformers - 5277814528
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Sonic Beads WIN

art beads crafts nerdgasm pixel art sega sonic - 5802235648
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Hot Wheels nerdgasm nostalgia toy Video - 34064641

Hot Wheels City WIN

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Star Wars Has Samurai Movie Roots, and This Guy Got a Tattoo to Show it All Off

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