Store Name WIN

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By JailLaLa

All the Essential Food Groups

Via Acid Cow

Clever Tweet WIN

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Knitting Store WIN

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Beer Name WIN

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Punctuation Pirates WIN

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Tow Company WIN

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Why Hello There WIN

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Boat Name WIN

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Completely Relevant News: Name Change FTW

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Trainy McTrainface Must Be Boaty McBoatface's Landlocked Cousin

names trains Trainy McTrainface Must Be Boaty McBoatface's Landlocked Cousin
Via @funfield5

Name WIN

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By xbenny78x

Completely Relevant News: Pundit Name WIN

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The Best Name for a Laundromat

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Via icametodropbombs

Manager WIN

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By Jusitn 'Cornbread' Baker
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