This Collage Captures a Time in One Place

photography art mural design time lapse - 7777285888
Via Laughing Squid

Another Insanely Cool Mural From Street Artist Blu

Street Art mural hacked irl - 8138484736
Via Blu

Facade Painting WIN

art europe mural painting pretty - 4699072512
By Snake73

Toronto Mural WIN

mural design Street Art hacked irl - 6632995328
By Unknown

Check Again: This is a Wall Mural!

Street Art mural illusion - 7380951040
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: No Barricade

architecture hacked irl illusion mural - 6004245504
Via Mosa'aberising

Stepping In to Your Skin

Street Art art mural graffiti hacked irl - 6901564928
Via Illusion

Taking the Tube WIN

art floor illusion mural perspective Subway train - 5773659136
By erel96

See, Physics is Fun!

Via Street Art Utopia

There's a Giant Sleeping Man in an Industrial Yard in Lyon, France!

Via Laughing Squid

Hacked IRL: A Look Inside

graffiti hacked irl illusion mural Street Art - 6031805696
Via Juxtapoz

Library Mural WIN

art library mural school wall - 6227151104
Via Epic Ponyz

Bane Mural WIN

mural design batman BAMF - 6718802944
By Unknown

This Entire Wall is One of the World's Largest Murals

art mural design hacked irl - 7788179712
Via Neatorama

Face It WIN

art mural design Street Art hacked irl - 6666811648
Via Illusion

Book Mural WIN

reading is sexy Street Art mural books hacked irl - 7086008320
Via Flavorwire
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