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"I AM SPARTACUS, And Make That Latte No-Foam!"

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Pixar Fan Theory Claims That Maybe the Cars in "Cars" Aren't... Cars

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Captain America Shield Sisplay WIN

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By allandonnavy

Juxtaposition WIN

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By Unknown

See What You Did There Facebook

Facebook suggestion no god beyonce marvel character
Via Imgur
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Have You Watched This Beautiful Countdown of the Best 25 Films of 2015?

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This Father Kept Track of How Many Questions His Son Had While Watching Star Wars For the First Time

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Linkin Park Sung by 185 Movies Will Make You Weirdly Nostalgic for Rap Rock

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The Star Trek Cast and Stephen Hawking Team up to Explore the Quantum Realm in This Badass Short Film

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Welcome To a Supercut of Movies Saying "Welcome To"

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The Only Argument You Need to See the New Godzilla

advertisement movies godzilla movie theater - 8197295104
Via Know Your Meme
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Just Dropped, And It Looks Absolutely Amazing

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This Restaurant Gives Discounts for Ordering in the Voice of Famous Characters

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Oscar or Not, Leo Won't Let You Down in this Supercut of Every DiCaprio Movie. Ever.

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This Artist's Makeup Impressions are on Point

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Someone Was Looking Out for You This Valentine's Day

Via Acid Cow
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