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Mother Nature FTW: Just a Little Apocalypse

apocalypse clouds Hall of Fame mother nature ftw rainbow storm suburbia - 5054372864
By danfan133

Mother Nature FTW: Thank Goodness for Lightning Rods

Brother Nature FTW city krakoom lightning lightning rod mother nature ftw urban - 5135017984
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mother nature ftw space stars time lapse Video - 33884417

Sky Time Lapse WIN

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A Different View of Lightning

mother nature ftw krakoom lightning - 8267700480
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awesome balance mother nature ftw rocks skills Video - 23954945

Rock Sculpture WIN

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mother nature ftw whale ocean boat Video win - 82321665

Watch a Curious Humpback Whale Get Up Close and Personal With a Tour Boat

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mother nature ftw time lapse Travel Video - 65370625

7000 Photos Make This Time Lapse Something Else

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flying mother nature ftw nature Video whee wincation - 38856193

Bird's-Eye Buttes WIN

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Mother Nature FTW: DIVE! DIVE! DIVE!

birds diving food mother nature ftw water - 4913639424
By sixonefive72

For Reasons That Won't Surprise, This is Called "Godzilla Rock" by the Locals

mother nature ftw godzilla totally looks like - 8267686656
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Scoping Out the Underwater Trees While on WINcation

lake mother nature ftw plants trees underwater wincation - 6420427776
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Mother Nature FTW: Above and Below

aurora borealis mother nature ftw nature pretty colors volcano - 5173544704
By Amelia (Via

Mother Nature FTW: Don't Mind Me, Just Growing

growth mother nature ftw urban - 5109667328
By Schhek

Mother Nature FTW: Looking Out for Brother Nature FTW

Brother Nature FTW clouds mother nature ftw rainbow weather wincation - 6032254208
By Pyro_L (Via Chris Austin)

Michael Grab Doesn't Use Glue, These Are Just Pefectly-Stacked Rocks

mother nature ftw balance design - 8072562432
By Unknown

Mother Nature FTW: Leap of Faith

awesome jumping mother nature ftw the ocean whales - 4898197248
By sixonefive72