Literal Bumper Sticker WIN

baby bumper sticker g rated Hall of Fame literalism morbid pun win - 6284569856
Created by Unknown

Currency Art WIN

art currency money morbid sculpture skull - 5364653568
Via Flavorwire

This Cake is Delightfully Morbid

cake design dessert food morbid - 7122289920
Created by Unknown

Gravestone WIN

design grave morbid piano sculpture tombstone - 5496864768
Created by Unknown

That's a Morbid Victory

humor games Death morbid - 8803086336
Via Drumsb4huns

Hacked IRL: He Was Tired of Holding Others Back

crosswalk hacked morbid traffic sign - 4238893568
Created by sixonefive72

Succinct WIN

clever Death grave life morbid tombstone - 5244071936
Created by Unknown

No, Not Yet Please! WIN

accidental Death magazine morbid time whoops - 6336226304
Via Reddit

I Tried to Warn You!

gravestone sick morbid - 7042476800
Created by Unknown

"Take One" Sign WIN

legs monty python morbid sign take one - 5356399360
Via Neatorama