Can Has WIN

can has cheezburger meta restaurant - 5803923712
By Unknown

Why Am I Not Surprised...

Via A_M_I_R_

Turning That FAIL Upside-Down!

meta spelling correction - 7170636032
By strangelilvampyr
advertisement super bowl Drake meta Video - 77976577

Drake and T-Mobile's Super Bowl Commercial is Exactly the Type of Meta Genius We Expect From Drake

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Hill WIN

camping Hiking meta name sign - 4695143936
By motoronin
meta parody Music South Park lorde - 65217537

Meta Moment of the Day: Watch the Real Lorde Sing South Park's Parody Song "I Am Lorde Ya Ya Ya"

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Meta Notice Win

clever meta sign - 4900757248
By Meebo27

Meta-Comments WIN

clever comment meta youtube - 6277716224
By Unknown

Meta Pole WIN

art clever lost meta signs - 4495545856
By Unknown

Meta Gummy Bear WIN

bears candy delicious gummy bears meta sculpture - 4913145088
By sixonefive72