Routine Maintenance WIN

america fourth of july heights independence day merica vertigo - 6370174208
Created by Unknown

The Burger Made of Bacon is Proud to be 'Merican

burger merica food funny bacon - 7634841856
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The American Way WIN

america bar beer fourth of july independence day merica sign - 6360632576
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BAMF Cycling WIN

BAMF fire merica motorcycle wheelie - 6346302976
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How the Farm Prepares for the Olympics

merica DIY olympics Sochi 2014 - 8043349504
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Happy Canada Day? Nah.

cake merica oh canada 4th of july canada day - 7625756672
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Selfie WIN

jet merica selfie BAMF funny flying air force - 7818191872
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america dragon jet merica military paint plane - 5549683200
Created by Guilherme.didi

Why? Because 'Merica

merica BAMF whee funny - 7843359488
Created by Unknown
merica funny Video trucks g rated win - 54377729

The Jet-Powered Samurai is Everything Your Inner Redneck Dreams of

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Skydiving WIN

america BAMF eagle merica skydiving - 6346294272
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america bacon chocolate merica monster truck the internet - 5685245952
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Vegetable WIN

america Congress food merica pizza pizza hut politics sign vegetable - 5494795008
Created by TrizzleLizzle

The Most AMERICAN Thing Ever is This Biker Getting Buried With His Hog

motorcycles merica what funeral - 8036247808
Via Metro

Citizenship WIN

guns merica BAMF - 7094513664
Created by Unknown

We Are All Moving to Texas to Get a Taste of This Award-Winning Roll

shut up and take my money merica sandwich food - 7778592256
Via Houston Chronicle
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